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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I think you're a delusional average to below average "4.0" if you think there are none of these serves at the 3.0 and 3.5 level, and that everyone chops sidespin on their serves being normal. There are 3.5's now, past, and present, who will be 4.5's some day. You'd be surprised how good some people are. I dont want to brag about myself, but if you think my skill level matches my current 3.0 (C) NTRP rating, you've got some issues.

There are good varsity high school singles players who play 3.5 . Do you think none of those guys serve with topspin?

You'd be surprised how good some people are.
There are many 3.0 players who think that higher ranked players just don't remember how good players at that level are. Then they move up to 3.5 and look back and realize how much they used to suck. Then they will start to think that higher ranked people don't realize how good 3.5 players are. Then you move up and you realize how badly you sucked when you thought that. Someday you will get a good laugh at yourself for how good you think that the kick serves of the 3.5 level players you have been facing in league play really are.

I'm sure you have faced players with a topspin serve. When I was a 3.5 player I had a very effective topspin serve. I also know that my serve is dramatically better now that I play 4.0 than it was when I was at 3.5. I know for an absolute fact that the topspin serves you face at the 4.0 level will be better and I know for a fact that there are 4.0 players with topspin serves that you will struggle against. Maybe you haven't faced that serve yet but thats because you have played against so few 4.0 and up players.

Once you actually start playing 4.0 league matches then you will face players with topspin serves that are good enough that they don't need to use a flat serve. You will face players with topspin serves and slice serves and you will see that they most certainly don't move the same way in the air when served out wide on the deuce side. You are simply speaking out of ignorance once again because you haven't even played 4.0 league tennis. Someday after you have more experience you will understand. Its just funny to hear you talk about this stuff since you are just dreaming about what it will be like when you finally become a 4.0 player. You are more delusional than the rest of the 3.0 players dreaming of being a 4.0 but its definitely just a pattern I have seen many times before.

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