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I liked this racquet long before I developed a bit of TE. I always told people the 315 is everything the Pure Drive should be. While I was super content with my PSLGTs, once the TE crept in I am glad I demo'ed the Ki5 315 and probably will just stick with this racquet, even after the TE is gone. The more I play with it the more I am dialing in everything and playing just as well with it.

Anyone want to buy some used PSLGTs?

Questions for all users: If not already stated, which model do you use? Have you modified your Ki5? What strings and tension work best for you?

I am currently using the frame unmodified and seem to be able to manage fine without customizing it. I strung up both my new racquets with the new XCel Black 1.30 and strung one at 54lbs and one at 50lbs. The one at 54 plays well and I think I will later on move to this tension. The one at 50 plays fine and my elbow is appreciating the low tension, although I seem to have to be more careful not to step on the gas too much.

Unfortunately I am a string breaker and really don't want to keep using the way overpriced XCel Black. I am thinking about trying out the Discho Microfibre next. I will probably miss the black color of XCel as it really makes the racquet look mean
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