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It is amusing to hear NTRPolice say he isn't fooled by topspin serves and just takes them on the rise.

Professional players are fooled by good topspin serves quite frequently. Maybe NTRPolice needs to give them a few pointers.

As I said, a 4.0 women who is playing 8.0 could very well go up against a solid 4.5 guy. You guys seem to think that the 4.0 girl with the 50 mph serve is just going to get a 40 mph slice return of that serve.
You're just not getting it.

If a 4.0 woman in mixed hits a weak serve to a 4.0 or 4.5 guy, he will try to take advantage of that weak serve. Typically, he will try to crush it for an outright winner.

If he is 4.0, he will make some and miss some. But the reason that woman is 4.0 is probably because *her other strokes and attributes are better than her serve.* Meaning she absorbs pace. Or her movement is good. Or she is just used to having people blast her serve and knows how to handle this.

Her challenge is likely greater with a 4.5 guy, but even 4.5 guys come in many flavors. I have played against 4.5 guys who do not blast weak serves. They drop shot the return or hit a short slice, so a 4.0 woman with wheels and an approach shot (or good S&V) can survive against him.

I just don't know what to do with you, NTRPolice. I mean, I *wish* I had the hands and the ability to absorb pace as some of my slow-serving 4.0 teammates. They do so much better than I do in mixed, despite doing nothing more with their serve than starting the point.

Honestly, if you want to pick the 4.0 woman who is most likely to succeed in 8.0 mixed, go with the slow-serving, pace-absorbing, quick-footed 4.0 woman. She'll surprise you.
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