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I was being a bit facetious. I don't think any of them had Borg genuinely worried. He would have continued to be the favorite at the FO and any other clay event for years to come, and a threat at Wimbledon, the USO and AO (if he wanted to play there). I think he was just burnt, wanted a lighter schedule, and the majors wouldn't give him a free entry into their events without qualifying. So he just quit.
I agree with you Limpinhitter.

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I agree, best cc match of the 80 along the 1984 final
Lendl had already beatem Borg in a 5 sets final at Basle,months before their RG final
The RG final that Borg played against Lendl which Borg won in five sets really wasn't indicative of Borg's normal play. I believe Borg was hurt when he played the French in 1981 and despite that he beat Lendl.
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