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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
But you can't neglect that there was a 4 man world series to also determine the world's best.

I always have ranked Gonzalez and Hoad equal for that year (with Rosewall as possible Co.-No 1 as he was 8:4 against Gonzalez and had the best record against his opponents regarding to Rosewall's claim in the Rowley book)

In 1964 the situation was different as there was no world series but "only" a 14(?) tournament tour to determine the No.1.
Good point.
There were, in fact, TWO official world pro championship tours in 1959, the four-man (which was not really a four-man, as Hoad and Gonzales played a disproportionate share of their matches against each other) American tour, and the Ampol world tournament tour of 14 events, in which all pros took part.
Because of contracts and money.
Ampol was a financial partner of Kramer, and could demand a world championship of its own based on major tournaments, and Kramer's traditional system of head to head series had acquired a momentum of its own, and was a contractual arrangement with Gonzales and Hoad carrying over from 1957.
So in 1958 and 1959, Ampol comes on board (as financial partner) and we get two world championships.

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