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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Yet Kramer ranked Hoad in fourth place for 1959.
Kramer was always frustrated with Hoad.
He tried to sign him to the pro tour in 1953, right after the Davis Cup, when Hoad had just turned 19!
He tried again in 1955 and 1956.
Kramer was not always informed of Hoad's back trouble, perhaps because it might undermine Hoad's bargaining power.
Kramer believed that Hoad tanked against himself and Segura on the 1957 European tour, that he "didn't give a damn" about beating the older players, and that Hoad was "never much interested in tennis".
I think that this explains the low ranking he gave, just after Hoad walked out on the 1960 tour, costing Kramer his partnership with Ampol and jeapardizing the pro tour.
Kramer's displeasure is understandable.
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