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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
A kI Q5 315 seems to be a new offering just up on the site so presumably no one has tried it?
The specs are very different from the Ki 5. I haven't tried it yet, so maybe I'm wrong, but the Q5 315 seems to be a closer match to the Juice Pro, while the Ki 5 is closer to a Pure Storm. It seems to me that the closest match to the Ki 5 in the Q-series is the QTour. Right now, I'm in no hurry to switch, but I'll keep those Q-series racquets in mind.

I'm not sure if I see a benefit in going to 4 kinetic chambers versus a continuous kinetic strip around the head. It sounds "less kinetic" to me. Maybe PK did it to lessen the sound when you shake it, but I don't notice the sound at all when I play.
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