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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I have the Ki 5x, which I think is nothing more than a Ki 5 with a longer handle. Right now, my modifications include:

Wilson Shock Shield grip
Yonex Supergrap overgrip
1.5" Gamma head tape over the bumper
Tourna Sampras Dampener
2 grams of lead at 3, 12, 9

My measurements are:

Weight: 361 grams
Balance: 5 points HL
Swingweight: 383 (measured with SwingTool)

I basically think of this as a balanced setup to counterbalance my heavy replacement grip since I think the racquet is very head light as it is. I actually like a more polarized setup for groundstrokes where I only put lead at 12, but my volleys and slices seem to suffer with that, and I play the net a lot.

I've tried several multis, including some very good ones, but none of them will go more than 10-12 hours without breaking or feeling lifeless at the end. I tried Klip Legend natural gut, and it played better than any multi and lasted about 30 hours with no deterioration in play, so for now my go to setup is full gut, and I'll use my leftover stash of multis and polys for bad weather backup and experimentation. Gut/poly is actually my favorite setup as far as playability, but I'll have to find a poly that doesn't die in 3 hours like Discho Iontec.

FYI, the Head tape sticks better to the 7G bumper guard than the Gamma. I'm not sure if they use the same bumper guard for your racket though.
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