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Originally Posted by GrandSlam45 View Post
So I will have to make adjustments and adapt to the Ki 5.
I think you'll be just fine. Actually, I did something similar 3 or so years ago. I came back to tennis after a very long pause and didn't know what "modern" racquet to use, so I just bought the Pure Drive GT. In the beginning it was great to have all that pop but after 5-6 months of bi-weekly lessons and lots of practice my strokes adopted decent form and I found I had great power but very bad control. Demoing racquets I fell in love with the Pure Storm Limited GT for all its control but it was very low powered coming from the Pure Drive. It really is the polar opposite of the Pure Drive. But over time I found the right string tension and kept improving my strokes to where I was able to actually hit the ball even harder than I could with the Pure Drive and with much more spin.

That's probably why I am optimistic that the stock Ki5 315 will be just fine for you, since the power loss that you are experiencing isn't nearly as drastic as what I had to overcome.
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