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Mine was 8 when he knew he was beating all the 12 and unders in town and wanted to know when he could play a tournament. We thought he was too young - and I still think he was - but his point was why am I doing all this practicing if I am not going to play tournaments.

He was the kid that in first grade when the did accelerated reading (where you get so many points for reading and passing a test on books) knew what all 18 kids in class points were and that he was number #2 because some girl had no life but reading. He has always been competitive. Like I said to a competitive natured kid tournaments, points, trophys, medals, knowing you beat everyone is very important to them. Not saying it is always a good thing. It can be very bad but for the one poster to say these are the cheaters-just not my son's rep. Winning by cheating isn't winning because your better. Attitude when younger yes but maturity has helped ease that.


I hear you about the drive coming from the kid, but sometimes as parents,
WE have to slow down the trip so they enjoy the journey.

The poster who started this thread, I think they are on the wrong path.

I say that as my son would still be in another sport ( not tennis), if we the parents had slowed down the journey......
Instead he was completely BURNED OUT, and so wanted a new challenge...

And 7 year olds should not be BUSTING THEIR ***, they are kids, they have to enjoy their time now.

Hope NetNinja is listening.
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