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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
If I didnt have an Xbox 360 already I would probably wait and see what the new ones look like.

Most of the games I play now are cross all the platforms so to me it would be whichever had the best graphics. So of the current ones It woudl PS3. Bonus points for the Blu-ray player.

Thats all I got is a 360 and that will probably be all I am going to have for a freakin long time.
Been looking at PC builds for a while. You can easily beat Xbox and PS graphics with a $150-$200 gpu, plus a blue ray player is an easy install.

If I had to pick between the xbox and ps - I think it comes down to what games you like to play. I think Sony has the better exclusive titles, but if you're looking for FPS (COD, BF3) the online community seems to be larger on xbox. Plus with games like COD, xbox gets the DLC releases earlier.

Also seen problems with BF3 with input lag on PS. PS also was initially left out of things like the special assignment bonus weekends to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer.
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