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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Actually, the Samoan's do a completelely different routine prebattle.
Tongan's taught the Aucklander's their pre match rugby dance routine.
Tongan's from Tonga.
Those mid Pacific Islanders are very close knits, and keep the culture intact foreever.
Samoans are part of the broader group of Polynesia.

The Polynesian nations have historically similar origins but, in the case of the Haka for example, are often completely distinct.

Tongans also did not teach the "Aucklanders their pre match rugby dance"... Auckland does a Haka (I assume you're referring to the Blues, Auckland's Super 15 team) which is Maori and culturally distinct from anything Tongans do.

Likewise no Tongan or other non-Maori is even supposed to lead a Haka unless there is no Maori-ancestry team-member present. So there's no way a Tongan would be teaching the Haka to a Kiwi. General protocol for all Hakas is the most senior player present with Maori-ancestry is the Haka leader by default - as Piri Weepu demonstrates when he leads the All Blacks' Haka.

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