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Originally Posted by Big John View Post
I hear you on the IG Radical Pro. I know a bloke on tour that uses one, going to check out his setup and will report back. It just had no pop did it, not a patch on the old one.

Funnily enough I'd been considering an RDC! I really do like your thinking. There's a bloke here in Australia that makes a 'better' rdc that measures radial flex and all sorts of things. I'm worried if I go there that I will open pandora's box.. I'm thinking it will be best for my sanity to stick with the 'how it feels' method?

I must be close to my ultimate stick, there are very few sticks left for me to try.. I think the sort of specs of the Flexpoint Radical Tour are where I will end up, would prefer it to be a Wilson ideally so am doing my best to find the Wilson most like that (h19, pro stock blade, h22 all in open pattern?).
The Blade may be your best bet.
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