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Originally Posted by Big John View Post
*stuff you said*
I read all of the posts in this thread.

The posts by people who have supposed Federer frames can be summed up such: they want everyone to believe them.

I don't know nor am bothered either way if you have a pro room frame or if you think your 'logic' on why it is likely to be a Federer frame is definitive (it's not - not even close, discussed in previous posts). What interests me most are the ongoing posts discussing how one might replicate Federer's frame characteristics - when you are really here just trying to find a frame that suits you. Really, what do they have to do with each other?

The details people usually post about customising their frames sounds less like an interest in the particulars/nuances of Federer's set-up and far more like a back-door justification for their often insane attempts to mimic his frame characteristics. Attempts which, in the past, have sometimes resorted to plain fabrications of details or seriously poor conclusion forming based on faulty logic, poor information or plain myopia.

The vast majority of these poster come across far more like: "yippee, I have mastered the Federer feel" than having worked out anything particularly salient or interesting.

I've met approximately a dozen people here or in person claiming to have a Federer pro-stock frame direct from Wilson (I mean a frame which never made it into his playing stock, not used frames bought at charity auctions etc). None have ever been able to justify their claims with anything I'd consider overly reliable. The whole "no-one else on tour uses a 90sq in head" sort of logic is not really indicative of anything in relation to the pro room frames, let alone that since Federer is the only pro using 90s (he isn't by the way - as discussed earlier in an earlier post) it therefore must have been made for him.

It's fine for me to accept that you have a frame made for Federer which is outside of the stock they send for him to actually use. Short of dissecting/x-raying it almost everything said about the internal composition is just guesswork, not logic.
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