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Originally Posted by Big John View Post
I like your thinking IHTM! The tgk 269.1 (Youtek Radical Pro pro stock) in slightly longer form is glorious, hits a massive ball with heaps of spin and volleys well too. I guess this is why Sharapova and others use it.. Sounds like we're on the same path.

My only issue is that it is a little too heavy in the head even without lead and has a very high swing weight. Love it for clay, just a bit too hefty for me on fast hard court?

You are spot on, this is the advantage of the Flexpoint Radical Tour. The 58 flex, hundred head and open pattern are pretty much perfect specs along with the head light balance. I'm going to lengthen one and compare it to the 269.1..

The 260.4 (IG Radical Pro) has a more headlight balance but has no pop at all! Still playing around with that, having a look this week at a tour player's setup with this stick and am going to try and replicate it, have failed miserably so far!
Quick question: 260.4? Is that just the stock IG Rad Pro? I haven't heard of that one before...

That being said, my dream frame is the 260.2 (Youtek Rad MP 16x19) it's such a great frame, too bad they are so darned rare to get a matched pair on!

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