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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
It does not matter dynamic before pnf before or after static, ballistic, ai before or after stretching does not work unless u want more flex then stretch after u workout. Unless u need to do mma and kick a dude in the head u don't need it at all just warmup and cooldown!
Stretching and myofascial release ARE important... Muscles have the most optimal force production at certain, optimal length. If some of your muscles are too short or too long, then the forces produced are less than optimal and your performance suffers... In addition, muscle groups work in synergies, and if groups are tight and/or shortened, then the forces around the joints are not as they are supposed to for optimal movement and there's more stress on the joint, and sooner or later injuries.

If your muscles are in great condition (no trigger points etc) and in optimal length, you don't need much stretching. But I bet that EVERY tennis player has some issues, because tennis is so one-sided. One side of the hip is overactive and too tight, other side may not fire and all... sooner or later, injury will happen somewhere along the kinetic chain.

So here, to stretch and do myofascial release after your training is super important --- to get your tissue to where it is supposed to me.

Even joggers can have muscular imbalances (front vs back) and they need to stretch.
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