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Hi TomT,

Wall practice is great - I hit the wall about once a week.

Your game looks better than 2.5.

A couple of thoughts that may help you.

1. Use your left hand better on forehand. On FH, keep it on racket until you start swing and then extend L arm out to side - sort of parallel with baseline. As you rotate upper bottom on FH, your left arm will pull back into your trunk and tuck beside your right hip.
2. Keep chest facing side fence on 1 HBH. You are rotating your shoulders a bit more than a 1 hander shoulder. Your chest should stay pointing to the side fence.
3. Keep you L arm back on your 1 hbh. Even pull back a bit as your racket arm goes foreward. You are letting the L arm go forward with the rotation at times. Using the left arm to pull back will also help with keeping chest toward side fence.

Have fun, keep practicing.

Do you know how to practice overheads on the wall? Drive the ball down so it strikes the court in front of the wall and the ball should bounce up hit the wall and then go high into the air and you can hit forehand and backhand overheads.
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