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Big John
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Thats the one, IG Rad Pro. I had a 260.2 and it was a very different racquet to the 260.4, that's for sure.

Specs on the pro's 260.4 that I was after are balance 32.5, 330 grams unstrung. All lead at 12.. Will find out how he strings it, will try and replicate that with my couple and see how they go..

Agreed on the blade, winning so far. Yet to hit the h19, not so many people seem to like it as opposed to the h22 though? Would love to know if there is in fact a softer layup open pattern h22, or whether it is just the tight pattern ones that come softer?

I've got some Janko Tipsarevic racquets coming, 62 flex, open pattern. They might be pretty good too?
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