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Thanks Tony, very kind of you. The racquets at the top and the bottom are the obviously the open pattern, the one in the middle is the tight pattern. Will restring the tight pattern one tonight and take it for a bash tomorrow, will report in my results..

Has anyone else out there hit this pro stock blade and compared it an h19? It is much more flexy than my open pattern h22 which plays much stiffer than the 64 flex that comes up on the RDC..

I'd also love to hear from anyone that has hit the flexier h22 and the h19 and compared them. From what I can gather, the h19 is like a pt57a with a stiffer head, sounds a bit like a pro stock Tecnifibre like a Verdasco or a Vliegen? I found them to have quite small sweet spots and be pretty unstable? I have a couple of Tommy Haas test Dunlops that were similar, quite a strange racquet? Srichaphan's Yonex's were a bit the same?

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