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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
I tried it, man. So disappointing. The racquet is just weak. Inferior to the 90, inferior to the vcore95, inferior to the pure storm tour. If you want a fedesque stick in 95 you are better of hitting the bay for old 95 or ultra fpks.
I tried the BLXPS95 first when it first came out -didn't like it one bit.

Tried it again a few days ago - found it to be a very solid frame, one that I will continue to demo. I am, however, weary in doing this since I'm aware of Wilsons QC issues. This is indicative between the two different demos that I've tried - one liked, one didnt. The fear is that I'll like the recent demo, buy a pair, then get very different frames and not like them at all.

Of course, when I say that I enjoyed hitting with the BLXPS95, it should be known that I've never hit with the old "fedesque" 95 frames...
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