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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Its a great point though. The iOS just works better and smoother than anything. I bought an iPad and have used it every single day now for 2 years. Thats crazy..I dont even use a laptop anymore. I never have slowdowns or crashes..havent thought about jailbreaking the thing. I rooted my stupid droids within weeks because they come loaded with all this nonsense..and there are tons of nerdy steps you have to take.updates..oh wait you went to stock android from Sense and want new radios that have better reception? Reinstall sense,update the radios THEN resintall stock android..I guess people think that is flexibility..I think it is stupid.

I just want a phone that works the same as it did out the box. My EVO LTE rocked for 1 month and now it is a total memory muncher for no reason. Just like the last one..I should have learned..oh well..ill have an iphone 5 in October hopefully.

Thank goodness my son uses my Windows laptop, otherwise it would get next to zero use. If I'm not on my iphone, I use my MacBook Air. I always thought all these people that liked Apple computers were just anti-Microsoft. Now I get it, they are pro-Apple. I just love the darn thing except for lack of Flash support which seems absurd on a full blown PC.
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