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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
It's not about hardware. It's about software.

Blackberry 10 wil be an epic fail. No money incentive to develop for it.

I don't think windows 8 will succeed either. Only one thing sells hardware and that's good software. Microsoft and blackberry will not touch Apple. Ever.

I had an s3 and the apps for the camera can't touch camera apps for iPhone. Some good ones but not good as iPhones.

Apple p0wns applications. Hands down.

1 year ago I scoffed at iPhones and Apple with my BB 9930 in my hand. Now I realize what am epic fool I was and how many years I wasted.

The iPhone is FAR from perfect. I could make a 10 minute youtube video laying out all of its shortcomings and bugs. Of which there are many. Not including the farce called iCloud. Or lack of multiple signatures. Or copying and pasting fails. Typing sucks balls but whatever.

Even with all the shortcomings, I gladly forked over $900 for the iPhone 5 today even though it's not that much of an upgrade from a 4s.

Again, though, it's just a stupid phone. Who friggen cares.

Your post is full of contradictions...

Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself that spending that $900.00 was a good investment.
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