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Cool. I have no idea if I support them or not because I do not have any idea how their changes will play out long term. Will TAUT make tennis like ping pong or dodge ball? Or will it grow the base of serious players? Will the draw changes lead to epic local play? Or will the changes gradually marginalize tennis to many tennis families? Will high performance in its 4th regime ever reach its goal of a champion?

Hard to say if you support things we have no idea will be great, mediocre, or terrible in the long run.
Yeah, but intrepid, anonymous souls on message boards like to do things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

If, in fact, it is hard for us to support or not support a given policy.....maybe we (all of us, not addressed to you specifically) should have more consideration and tolerance for the people who have to make real decisions about these things.

Because it is hard, here is where I stand on the issues noted above.....with only a little fluff added.

1. TAUT. Heartily support this concept

2. Forcing more competition at the Sectional level, reducing slots at Nationals. Support this for debate on what the exact numbers and formulas should be. But support the general concept

3. High performance (This is Player Development, right?) Nice idea. doesn't work. Provide resources that are kept in the individuals' hands to be utilized at the individuals' discretion--with reasonable conditions and limitations of course--instead of at the centralized organization's discretion.
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