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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
CB -- londons were not as advertised. TW's make them seem light (11.2 ounces) and very low swingweight (311 i think). in reality they are hefty (11.5 oz with no overgrips) and relatively high swingweight (325-330 at least to me). they are extremely comfortable though so that was good. and they are kinda rocket launcher like powerful at times which is sometimes good i guess. and they are about average to good spin but nothing redonkulous.

m-fil 300 were great in all ways except it's been two days since hitting and my wrist is still sore. so my search continues.

on my list is exo3 tour team and donnays of all shapes and sizes. oh and your NYC. wanna see if the slightly thicker 23mm beam bothers me. and if it plays like a london only lighter.
I want to try the Pacific X Fast Pro 100. I don't even play attention to certain specs in TW anymore. I just get a general feel.

NYC is available. I am free on Friday, let me know. And bring your 300's I want to try.
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