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The main issue is work ethic and age at when they start playing. If you look at the top European guys they start playing when their 3 or 4. Americans on average start at around 8-10. The second thing is work ethic. The time spent practicing on the court and the pre-gym work out. For people who want to become pros they spend about 8 hours everyday for practice,stretches and workouts!! Americans usually don't even spend half the time! The reason Pete Sampras was so succesful was because he was originally Greek and he had the European work ethic in him. McCenroe and Connors worked EXTREMELY hard. mcCenroe said once in an interview as a junior sometimes he used to spend 6 to 7 hours on the court!! So when this improves America will get their new champion
If you look at the European tennis guys, most have completed only secondary school (grade 10), so they are technically high-school dropouts from a US perspective. Many of them also try to come to the US for college. What are the failed tennis guys with a grade 10 education doing in Europe?

Sometimes you will hear that so and so is pursuing a college degree. In many countries, there are degrees which are pretty easy to get - no attendance requirements, just read the books and show up for the exam. The college experience in the US is much more rigorous.

JMac was actually not noted for being keen on fitness workouts apart from tennis itself. The fitness work escalated after he retired!
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