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I think Lendl/McEnroe could have been a great rivalry but fell just short because of McEnroe's early retirement. I actually watched a match live (I forgot where it was), which was a turning point in their rivalry. Lendl was expected to win easily because he had a string of consecutive victories over Mac. Lendl was ahead and won the first set, but in the middle of the 2nd set, Mac got angry at a line call and then just turned it up another notch, constantly attacking. He won it easily after that. After that match, it looked like Mac was getting the upper hand more often than not, but he soon retired after that.

I had an anti-Mac fan sitting in front of me. It was just so amusing to me how Mac had a way of making people feel a real bitter hatred toward him, especially when he would cry like a baby over a line call and then use his anger to win! That was priceless!
I saw many matches live and even in exos you would not catch the difference
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