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I am recently hearing several conflicting stories about this Taylor Townsend situation. If the USTA initially told her that she should skip the girls 18’s national championships and just focus on fitness, they were certainly doing the right thing. Since Taylor is the number one-ranked Junior in the world and has already won a Junior grand slam there is absolutely no reason to play nationals. That is especially the case when one's fitness is lacking. She was given an opportunity to not play tournaments for eight weeks and instead focus on improving her court speed and overall fitness. That eight weeks of time should have been a gift to her and should have been utilized correctly. That timeframe was long enough to prepare her for the US open juniors and the woman's tournament. Unfortunately, those eight weeks were not used appropriately. I cannot say whether that was Taylor Townsend’s fault for lack of motivation or the USTA's fault for providing her with inadequate physical conditioning and nutritional guidance but one thing is for certain….. SOMEONE IS TO BLAME!
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