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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Nope. I never mentioned a word about Connors. I just pointed out that Bjorn99 was referring to a prime Fed, not a 31 yrs old Fed. I could be wrong if Bjorn99 really meant the current Fed. My view is Fed return better than Agassi on grass.
Ok, fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion, however it's not one that's backed up by evidence. I personally don't think there's any reason to think Federer is better on the return against Agassi on any surface. But different strokes for different folks I guess.

Sampras serve % in 1999
R128 - 62%
R64 - 73%
R32 - 74%
R16 - 69%
QF - 50%
Semi - 52%
Final - 66%

Sampras serve % in 2001
R128 - 67%
R64 - 69%
R32 - 60%
R16 - 69%

You can argue Fed serve better in 2001.
First of all, I thought we were comparing in which match Sampras served better (2001 Wimby 4th round or 1999 Wimby final), not overall tournament stats...serving performance can fluctuate from one day to the next. Also, Sampras was definitely a much better server in 1999 than 2001. In '99 he won 90% of his service games, compared to 86% in 2001, and won a higher percentage of first and second serve ponts. Why just use first serve percentage? That's a tad bizarre, by that logic Nadal is the best serve because he has among the highest first serve averages. There's other statistics you can use to gauge, too. In 1999 Wimby Sampras was broken 5 times in 7 matches . . . in 2001 he was broken 5 times in 4 matches, and Federer was the only quality returner he faced whereas in '99 he faced Agassi as well as Henman. He surely served better in '99.

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