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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Connors took the ball early and 'used Ivan power against him.Looked like Ivan was playing against himself,that was not the case with Borg and Mc Enroe
Lendl played Connors first at 79 Indianapolis qf and a few weeks later played first time Borg (Toronto sf)
He had played Mc in the juniors but their first pro match were the qf of the Milan 1980 event which was part of the WCT tour
Well, Connors was not afraid of Lendl's power, that much is sure and he always seemed able to get a good bead on Ivan's serve, even better than Agassi did in later years, I felt. Basically, Lendl could not easily "outhit" Connors. Really, he learned how to beat Connors by taking pace off the ball...lots of slices, making Jimmy generate the pace. That combined with "father time" began to push the rivalry to Lendl's favor.
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