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I undertook the 95 experiment a few weeks ago before going out of town and didn't have bad results, actually. Stock frame weighed 11.7. Initially went with lead beneath grip and at 12 and frame felt a bit slugglish/off. Then went with six grams at the 7-inch mark beneath grip, about 2.5 grams total at 2 and 10, along with an overgrip on top of the Wilson Pro Hybrid. Frame weighs in at 12.4 total (strung with Silverstring) but swings lighter than that, as 12.4 is usually too much meat for me. ...

Pluses: I can hit cannon serves with this frame and it volleys sensationally.
Minuses: Pretty nice and controlled groundstrokes, but not walloping groundstrokes. Sometimes I'd go for the kill shot and the other guy got a stick on it. Also, some slices floated a bit more than I'm used to. But all in all, it still hit pretty consistently and like I said, serves, volleys and touch shots were outstanding

At one point I even brought out the experimental stick after losing a first set 6-3 and won the next two sets 0 and 2. Then went out of town for a couple weeks so haven't been playing a ton of tennis lately, but the frame is still in the bag for some further dabbling going forward.
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