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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
Self stretching is imprecise, inefficent and unreliable way of relieving trigger points aka muscle knots or muscle stiffness.

Here's another bs crap muscle imbalances lead to poor posture to improper movement to injury. Put down your ACE book and stop drinking the kool-aid.
Maybe u should read what I posted. Runners who have tight hams ran more efficient. Go wrestle some more schmoe's then cycle more roids, hgh, test.
Didn't say that stretching relieves trigger points. Myofascial release does. I don't do ACE books. And why I know stretching and myofascial release work? Because of all the players whom I worked with and they started to do it, they do pretty well now. And maaaan, Freddy, aren't you an angry one!
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