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Originally Posted by grolson1993 View Post
Good thing i dont own a car :P i know there aren't but i do have a muni pass so it makes things easier than i thought. do u wanna hit? email me. also, whats wrong with GGP?
Nothing wrong with GGP. Except resurfaced just last year and already cracking. They want to turn Court #5 into a clay court for instruction. Best public courts in SF, for a small price of $5 for 1.5 hrs. Take the N Judah from Civic Center to Arguello at UCSF. Walk to GGP (about 3 blocks).

There's usually a black guy riding a bike looking for pick-up matches. And a shaggy hair hippie looking to hit. He's really bad, so I suggest you say no. If you go there during USTA matches, there's usually a bigset Asian guy that's always shouting at the top of his lungs. We love GGP. It's awesome, because it has character.

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