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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
To be fair I didn't expect Di Matteo/Abrahmovic to go crazy and sell Meireles and Essein then not get even 1 replacement for either one, surprised Chelsea weren't even in the conversation for De Jong considering the price he left at, would have been a perfect fit.

at least for you it was Mikel who had a mare..Kaptain Kompany had one of his worst games ever in a City shirt which makes the loss even more frustrating.
Yeah, a game like last night would of been perfect for Meireles. He always seemed to do well in the Champions League. It's encouraging in a way, like they're clearing out to bring new players in over the next few windows. I suppose it's just time to sit tight.

Oscar was brilliant, and not just his goals. Juventus are so well organised and 5 at the back made it very tight at times, whoever had the ball though, he was always there to offer an option and keep things going. I didn't expect him to be able to do that in his first start, especially against such great opposition.

As for Kompany, don't worry about it I think he's the best in the League. He's still learning at the Champions League level, away to Madrid is about as tough as it gets. If he's learnt from it, it's a good thing.
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