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Steve Huff
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Guess I should weigh in here. I just bought my 3rd ki 5 (used). I also still have 2 of the very 1st gen 5gs. I had several of their models between these and either sold them (thinking I was going to something else) or broke them (the white, yellow, black 5g just before the ki series was kind of brittle in my opinion). Mine are all modified. I take the butt cap off, remove the cylinder shape piece in the handle then add cotton and rubber cement. I've experimented with various amounts. I replace the butt cap (1 has a Head butt cap), then put a 1" piece of heat shrink around the butt cap to make it just a little larger. I use a ribbed grip with a soft, tacky overgrip. I use a Gamma Shockbuster I worm. I string with a gut/syn hybrid at around 62#. Of course, I experiment a lot, test many strings, etc. Overall wt of the racket I use most is 11.7oz strung. It's solid and plays great.
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