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Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post
I think Fellaini will be around £20-25 Million. Everton aren't really in a position to turn down that kind of money, it's a shame for them and you have to feel sorry for them, but it is what it is.

I said in the summer about wanting Capoue, the price mentioned was £7 Million. He would be a massive upgrade in the destroyer role, that one improvement would take us further than any other signing we could possibly make I think.

We could probably wait till the summer to get someone more creative in alongside him, when more players would be available.. Cabaye possibly, there are alot of options.
I second bringing in Cabaye, perhaps we could offer Newcastle a few more million and get Tiote and Ba as well.

Yeah it's sad to see Everton in the state they are in, and not really being able to progress due to their finances. Fellaini is amazing and would really cripple them, but I don't think many players would want to come to Everton. Who could replace him for only 20 million? I can't think of anyone.

Originally Posted by SempreSami View Post
A corpse would outrun Mikel.
He's sh*t, isn't he? I have no idea how he manages to get on the pitch.

Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post

Even so, it was a good game. I love seeing how Juventus use the 3-5-2 system. The midfield 3 of Vidal, Pirlo and Marchisio are very good to watch. It's not nice to be reminded of how woefully short we are in that area of the pitch, but that's what you get with tests at the highest level.
Yeah Juve moving the ball around the midfield was a sight to see. Pirlo seems to get better every time I watch him, which is scary for someone his age. Why didn't Chelsea take a chance on him when he left Milan?!

Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
To be fair I didn't expect Di Matteo/Abrahmovic to go crazy and sell Meireles and Essein then not get even 1 replacement for either one, surprised Chelsea weren't even in the conversation for De Jong considering the price he left at, would have been a perfect fit.
Yeah that's a tricky one. Essien wasn't sold but lord only knows Madrid will probably offer us 5-10 million for him if Madrid do well this season and win the Champions League or something like that. We've nobody to replace him with. shortsightedness kills us yet again. Our season is practically done for already because we have no true midfielders and the season's barely 4 weeks old.
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