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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
So I finally got round to stringing up the YPTPS/YPTP hybrid (thanks for the encouragement Gary!) and hit with it last night. I don't know if I just had an off night but I didn't enjoy this as much as the YPTPS/syn gut set up I had in the PD previously. I was struggling with depth control and either the balls were falling short or sailing on me. Spin was good but no more so than the previous set up. Serves had noticeably lower power which was not a positive. Surprisingly I did enjoy volleying with it.

I won't right it off just yet, have to play with it some more first. It could be a good baseline set up but I need more feel and precision for my game. Gut/poly is the way forward for me.
hi jim
not sure what to say about your hit with blue/yellow!!!!
all of the things you describe are the opposite to how that setup plays for me!!!!!
but as i said earlier someone elses setup might not always suit you,i no it was your 1st hit with it last nite but give it another outing before you right if off
its a shame as i think ive stumbled on a great setup that suits my game but again it might not work for everyone

jim keep us all psosted on how your next outing goes with this setup

cheers garry
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