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Originally Posted by GarryClarke View Post
hi jim
not sure what to say about your hit with blue/yellow!!!!
all of the things you describe are the opposite to how that setup plays for me!!!!!
but as i said earlier someone elses setup might not always suit you,i no it was your 1st hit with it last nite but give it another outing before you right if off
its a shame as i think ive stumbled on a great setup that suits my game but again it might not work for everyone

jim keep us all psosted on how your next outing goes with this setup

cheers garry
Will do mate, I really wanted to love it but the simple fact was I didn't play very well with it. It might have been that I had tinkered with the PD (again!) so it wasn't a fair comparison. Will play again later and post another update. I think maybe the PTPS needs a softer string to go with it.

An update: Played again last night with the hybir of the two Yonex polys. It was like night and day compared to the previous evening. I don't know if the strings had lost a bit of tension or the fact that I had altered the lead placement on the PD but this time around power was there, spin was there and more importantly comfort was there. Ground strokes, serves and volleys were all solid. No matchplay as yet but I was hitting some nice angles and dipping return in the serve&volley drills I was doing last night. @ Gary, sorry mate, should have had a little more faith.
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50

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