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Default quest for a new racquet, tips welcome

Hi All,

I'm looking for a new racquet. First some background info. Male, 40 years, and back on the court since 4 years. Since then I have played with Prince O3 Tour Team MP, Babolat Aeropro GT, Babolat Pure drive GT, Prince O3 Speedport Tour and since a year with the Wilson BLX 6.1 95 (18x20). I play equally often singles as doubles, and I'm rated 5 in the Netherlands (varying between 4.6 - 5.0). I have no ideay what that would be over there, but I guess at least 4.0?

The reason Im looking for a new racquet (again), is mostly because of the weight of my current Wilson. I have noticed that after about one hour of play I start to tire. Further I start missing power, the balls start falling short. With doubles my reaction is a tad too slow (volleys). I do like the control of this racquet (no surprise).

I have a personal preference for Prince racquets, but am willing to try another brand (that's why I play Wilson now ). I have come up with a shortlist of possible candidates:
  • Prince exo3 Tour Team 18x20 (testing right now)
  • Prince exo3 Red 105 (tested, too much power, too little control)
  • Prince rebel 98
  • Wilson BLX Pro Open 16x19
  • Wilson BLX Blade team 18x19
  • Dunlop Bio 500 tour

So what I'm looking for in particular, different from my current racquet, is a tad more power with preferably the same control, coming in a lesser weight. Head size may be bigger. I haven't found a shop nearby in the Netherlands where i can test the other candidates, so I'm curious about your opinions, or perhaps other possibilities! So please give me your opinion(s). Thanks in advance.
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