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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
airplane tickets: done
hotel: done

Now: the O2 arena tickets

To be sure to see RF play live, I'm gonna buy both Monday and Tuesday's night sessions.

Those who've been there, what do you think of the view at Level 4?
Can we see something or not?
I mean I want to watch some tennis, not figuring which dot is who!

The other level tickets are soooo expensive...
Level 4 is high up; not US Open nosebleed style, but you definitely feel removed from the action...they even warn you not to choose these tickets if you are afraid of heights! The other weird thing is it's really dark up in the heights; I almost fell asleep watching Djokovic - Nadal, which I wouldn't have thought possible. When I've gone for the more expensive seats, the experience has been incomparably better, in my opinion.

BTW, I would not recommend the aquarium; it's expensive, disappointing, and packed IMO.
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