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Several have posted here that they found the Flexbar helpful in preventing an early recurrence of tennis or golfer's elbow.

Strengthening the forearm muscles means there is stronger elastic muscle to prevent the twisting motion that occurs in the tennis swing and contact.
The stronger muscle is better able to absorb the shock of contact, rather than transferring it down to inelastic tendon insertions at the elbow.

Here is a diagram of the muscles of the forearm. Notice that they don't go straight down the arm - there is a slight spiral from right to left.

The Flexbar works these mucsles in the spiral fashion that they seem designed to work in.

The red Flexbar is very easy to twist. It has the optimal design to be used early in the process of recovering tennis elbow. In this early phase (after the worst pain and inflammation have resolved), the gentle motion helps keep the tendons gliding past one another, rather than abnormally fusing to adjacent tendons and tissue. ("Healing" protein fibers sometimes do fuse to adjacent structures, then these adhesions have to be broken down - leading to another bout of inflammation from pulling the structures apart.)

The stronger green and blue Flexbars can be used later in therapy to actually build muscle strength.

I first heard of the Flexbar when Chess9 posted the following article from the NY Times:

Here is a nice article with an interview of Timothy Tyler of how he came to use this fairly inexpensive Flexbar to substitute for much more expensive machines that used eccentric exercises:

Here is the actual article:

From that article, the following appears at the end:

None of the authors, their immediate families, and any
research foundation with which they are affiliated have
received any financial payments or other benefits from any
commercial entity related to the subject of this article.
We would like to thank the Hygenic Corporation for
the donation of all the flexbars for completion of this
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