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Originally Posted by ssgator80 View Post
Mikeler got a taste of Gators neighborhood hard courts last night. At least we got to play. Next time I will have to install lights.
It was nice to see how the upper crust society lives in Windermere. That was my first time playing on grass in a large stadium, so it was interesting.

I'm filing a formal protest with the COBE committee about the poor lighting. I cannot spell out the COBE acronym on these boards but it stands for Committee Of BS Excuses. That can be the only reason I blew 2 match points. I did quite enjoy the strategy of bringing you to net every point at the end and forcing you to look up in the dark for overheads.

I'm glad we got to play though and those are pretty nice courts. The blue hard court surface is definitely superior to the older green style.
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