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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
Another year, another early loss by the most overrated school in CFB, AKA Virginia Tech. Sorry, I just have to rub it in, their fans (most of them) act as if they're on the same level as Bama or LSU when Beamer hasn't won jack squat as far as national prominence is concerned.

Yeah they make it to BCS games every year but mostly bc the ACC has been a joke and a cakewalk (though FSU seems to be back). Losing to Pitt, the same Pitt that got romped by Youngstown St? soy loves to say LOL @ND, but in lieu of that since the Irish seem to be back, big time LOL @the Hokies.

And an additional LOL@ Lame Kiffin.
Hokie hater JB back again. How is ODU doing in anything? Like I've said before, you don't know obnoxious fans until you've lived in Bama, South Carolina, Ohio and the fairest of fair weather fans, USC/SoCal. No one that has always followed the Hokies puts them in league with Bama, OSU, Oklahoma, etc. Maybe the new kids on the block but not the long-term fans. For a program that was basically born in the 90's and doesn't have decades of history like all the other major powers, I think they're doing quite well. Name a non-historical power that has won a championship in the last 20 years. And find me a team outside of the Florida schools with their very large population that puts together a team that is often 90%+ of state residents. Yeah, I know their record stinks against the top 25 but I think most any college fan would be happy with the following:

3rd longest bowl streak in history
post season every year since '93, behind only Florida and FSU in consecutive appearances
3rd best record in the last 10 years, behind only LSU and Boise St
8 conference championships
3-2 in ACC championship games
7 top 10 finishes since '93 and top 25 all but two years since '93
virtually devoid of major scandals and recruiting violations
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