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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
That's assuming he made it back from Iraq and that he keeps on smoking.

The problem is that smokers become addicted and smoke too much. I'm not convinced that smoking in moderation is terrible for your health. Pipe smokers for instance live longer than non-pipe smokers, though it is likely that this is not due to pipe smoking but a result of the type of people who smoke pipes.

I live in coastal California, so I don't see much smoking. The only thing that is considered hip to smoke out here is marijuana. Somehow the pot smokers don't think it is bad for their health.

I only smoke three or four cigars a year, so I'm not worried that I'm harming my health in any statistically significant way.
That's BS! Any amount of tobacco, in any form, increases the risk of numerous diseases, especially cancers of the mouth and throat. Marijuana doesn't contain nicotine, or any of the numerous other toxic chemicals contained in cigarette tobacco during curing. Cigar and pipe tobacco is less dangerous, but, still very dangerous. You think pipe, cigar and moderate smoking is safe. Go for it, in the privacy of your home with your family. No skin off my nose.
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