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I'm all for helping other people (to the extent I can, as I'm not great). But does it really help anyone to make a post like:

Inside each of us, there is an upper body engine and a lower body clock engine and they are using separate types of energy flows. The upper engine controls our unit turns. The unit turn determines how much we coil, our power developed, and how fast we can unleash each shot. The lower body clock controls our foot work and court coverage. There is also both a conscious, and a subconscious body clock/engine. These “clocks” control our timing mechanisms and the different “engines” in our bodies. They require coordinated rhythm and timing to create dominant play. The upper clock has to remain super relaxed for the most speed of coil possible, and the lower clock is the opposite: Samuari stiff and choppy quick.
It’s the Kuerten drunken monkey upper body, super loose, versus the Bruce Lee lower body, stiff, wide stance, on bent knees, on the balls of your feet, tense and tightened shins, and choppy/fast movements and short loading steps.
How am I supposed to work on that? I'm a simple person. Give me one or two concrete things to work on at a time. You know, wax on, wax off, rather than all the philosophy stuff.
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