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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
ODU just put up 70 this weekend. So yeah, not that good...though I'm sure we'll get crushed when we move to CUSA next year. Unlike most Hokie fans, I'm realistic ab my team.

Beamer's built a good but not great program. Certainly not deserving of the national hype and high preseason rankings they get every year before inevitably losing to the first decent team they play. And it's not like VA is devoid of talent as far as recruiting.

You're the Atlanta Braves of CFB, only you've never even won the big one and only made it there once. So yeah, I'm sure most major programs would be ecstatic with that as their reputation.
Glad to see ODU can put 70 on the Campbell Fighting Camels. I think I had more students in my biochem class at Tech than Campbell has students. Tech was ranked #20 in the preseason coaches poll. Don't you think that's a pretty logical/certainly not overrated position for a team that finished top 15 the previous 8 or 9 seasons? I'll take an Atlanta Braves-type record for the moment. Better than being the Pittsburgh Pirates (virtually all of college football outside of the big guns). Like I said, look back through the last 20 champions/contenders and pull out the team without at least minor NCAA violations...even Boise St got a slap on the wrist. FSU and Clemson are just now getting back to prominence. Why haven't UNC, MD, UVA, etc., been able to compete? Oh yeah, I forgot, even 'holier than thou' UNC cheated their pants off to get good. They would kill to have Tech's record. Should everyone in the Big 10 except Ohio State and Michigan just quit? Everyone in the PAC 12 except Stanford, USC and Oregon go home? Why does mighty Texas only have 1 title in 30 years? Does Miami have a title that isn't caked with dirt?
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