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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
Another year, another early loss by the most overrated school in CFB, AKA Virginia Tech. Sorry, I just have to rub it in, their fans (most of them) act as if they're on the same level as Bama or LSU when Beamer hasn't won jack squat as far as national prominence is concerned.

Yeah they make it to BCS games every year but mostly bc the ACC has been a joke and a cakewalk (though FSU seems to be back). Losing to Pitt, the same Pitt that got romped by Youngstown St? soy loves to say LOL @ND, but in lieu of that since the Irish seem to be back, big time LOL @the Hokies.

And an additional LOL@ Lame Kiffin.
Notre Dame and Michigan beg to differ.
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