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You're comparing yourself to MD, UNC, and UVA in football? LOL at that, come on we all know those programs stink at football. Tech should dominate the ACC with how FSU and Miami have been down the past few years.

Even as weak as the ACC is Tech can't even manage to get through it unbeaten and get to a NC game at all?

Oh and no one cares about not having violations. You think Auburn feels guilty about their NC even though we all know they paid Cam? In the end, 99% of programs have some dirt on them, its just about hiding it. Tech just so happens to do a good job of hiding it and doesn't win enough to make the NCAA want to investigate.

Notice I said most Tech fans have that superiority complex, not all. I've lived in VA all of my live and have had to deal w/ the bandwagoning of VT since the Vick era. So excuse me if I feel a bit of glee whenever Tech gets embarrassed in football.
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