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Originally Posted by Bowtiesarecool View Post
This notion of a "premature" death is ridiculous. It suggests you're going to die before you're "ready", except noone wants to die before they're ready.

And quite frankly, I don't hear anyone verbally lynching a group about having to breathe in charcoal smoke from the neighbors barbecue, CO gas while sitting at a traffic light, forest fires, the scent of fried junkfood as they pass a mc donald's, or anything else that is a short term annoyance. Leave everyone who is not you, alone to live how they please.
So, in your mind, dying from cancer of the mouth, throat or lungs, tobacco induced emphysema or accelerated arterial schlerosis, is ridiculous? That's a pretty idiotic statement.

BTW, your right to live how you please ends at my nose, and eyes. Equating the smell of fried food to the smell of burning cigarette smoke is equally idiotic.
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