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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
I'm comparing them to their conference and the question is why do the other ACC teams stink? We all know the SEC/Pac 12/Big 12 are better conferences. Va Tech has dominated Miami lately, violation years included.

I care about violations. I know most fans are mouth-breathers that never even attended 'their' school, let alone played for said school. Did UCF win enough to make the NCAA notice? How about East Carolina? Indiana? Baylor? Cal? Cincinnati? Louisiana-Lafayette? I'm glad VaTech isn't winning games to the tune of these guys...we'd really be in trouble.

I lived in VA until the age of 22. My family is still there, in Roanoke, Bburg, Va Beach, Cville. All states bandwagon behind their state schools. Like I said, go to South Carolina and listen to them whine and moan 12 months per year about the Gamecocks and Tigers. WVA loves them some Mountaineers.

I didn't play for Oregon, like you played for VT, but I am an Alumnus and have been a huge fan since I started attending in 2002. I've been with Oregon when we would struggle to win 6-7 games a year, and I've been there for the crappy seasons along with the great last four years we've had.

I care about violations. I'm still terrified that the NCAA is going to lower the boom on us for Willie Lyles. I know every team does it, but I don't want to be lumped in that group or penalized for trying to get an edge. We're winning, we have a tremendous coach, great facilities and we have the flashiest gear in all of football. Those should be the only edges we need as far as recruiting goes.
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