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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post

I didn't play for Oregon, like you played for VT, but I am an Alumnus and have been a huge fan since I started attending in 2002. I've been with Oregon when we would struggle to win 6-7 games a year, and I've been there for the crappy seasons along with the great last four years we've had.

I care about violations. I'm still terrified that the NCAA is going to lower the boom on us for Willie Lyles. I know every team does it, but I don't want to be lumped in that group or penalized for trying to get an edge. We're winning, we have a tremendous coach, great facilities and we have the flashiest gear in all of football. Those should be the only edges we need as far as recruiting goes.
I think the gear and Nike connection is a huge draw for Oregon. Not to mention with the exception of USC, where else will the large Cali talent base go to play big boy football close to home? Don't worry, Oregon will never be as dirty as USC or the top SEC schools. Not sure it's even possible.

You gotta stick with the team through thick and thin. That's what separates fans like us from USC fans. My father-in-law went to Cal and one big wish in life is to see Cal in a Rose Bowl before he kicks the bucket.
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